Are you considering rezoning your property?

There are several factors to consider. Each property in Nakusp fits in a specific zone which allows certain uses. In some cases, a property can be split into multiple zones. Development and redevelopment in these zones must conform to the specific regulations for that zone outlined in the Zoning Bylaw.

The process to rezone your property can take several months. When a zoning amendment application is received, Administration must notify property owners and occupiers within a 30-metre radius of the application property, advertise in the local paper, and post a notice on the Village of Nakusp website. Administration requires time to review your application and provide a report to Council regarding your application. Council’s decision is final.

The fee for a zoning amendment application is $1000.00, if the Zoning Bylaw and OCP requires amendment the fee is $1,500.00.

See Bylaw links below.

To check the zoning of your property, view the Zoning Map and permissions. Additional map resources are available with Regional District Central Kootenay web mapping service at rdck.ca.

The Zoning bylaw outlines regulations for each zone in the map.

If your planned development does not conform to the permitted uses or density requirements listed for your zone, you will need to complete a Zoning Amendment Application to change the zoning of the property to a zone where your proposed use is permitted, or add your proposed use to the list of permitted uses in your current zone.

You may also need to apply for an OCP & Zoning amendment, if your development does not conform to the Official Community Plan (OCP). See the OCP & Zoning Amendment Application.

You will find the Official Community Plan (OCP), the land use planning tool used to guide Village Council in its decisions about development, zoning, and services, here.

A Title Search will provide all the legal information you need to know about your property, including any covenant, easement, development permit, development variance permit or building permit You can do a title search through Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) Here is the website for land titles https://www.ltsa.ca

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