Development Bylaws

Development is encouraged in the Village of Nakusp. Development enhances our community by bringing jobs, people, facilities, improved lifestyle and greater community security.

If you are considering developing in Nakusp, the following scenarios will answer all your questions about development bylaws.

Example Scenarios

So, your property is located in a Development Permit area, and you would like to modify the exterior of your building?

Even if you wish to change the colour of your building’s exterior, you are required to obtain a Development Permit. The purpose of a Development Permit is to ensure that what you propose to do complies with the Official Community Plan (OCP). Development Permit areas ensure that the “look” of the neighbourhood remains as stipulated in the OCP.

If you apply for a building permit in a Development Permit Area, the Building Inspector will not issue you a Building Permit until you obtain a Development Permit. Getting a Development Permit is easy and quick. Administration would review the OCP and look at the Zoning Bylaw, to see if your project complies. An onsite inspection will determine if your project fits the aesthetics of the neighbourhood. The fee for a Development Permit is on the Forms and Fees pages and the application. Once you have received a Development Permit, it says so on your building permit.

Do you need a Development Variance Permit to begin your project?

A Development Variance Permit is required if your project is not in compliance with the Zoning Bylaw, your property is already deemed non-conforming to the current Zoning Bylaw, and the project meets the criteria for exemptions in the Local Government Act. For example, you wish to build a garage, but you need to develop it within the rear property set back area. You would need to apply for a Development Variance Permit to provide an exception to the Zoning Bylaw.

When you apply, send a notice to all property owners within 30 metres of your property. Administration takes time to review your application, providing a report to Council that would support, recommend changes, or not support your application. Council’s decision is final. This process can take several months, so advance plan when you would like to begin construction. The fee for a Development Variance Permit application and fees can be found on the Forms and Fees page . If your application is approved, the Development Variance registers on your land title. Development Variance Permits expire in two years if the building is not started or completed. A building permit will not be approved if a Development Variance Permit is required and but not obtained.

Would you like to subdivide a property?

For subdivision applications to create one or two additional subdivisions, review the Zoning Bylaw for requirements of lot sizes, minimum frontage, minimum parcel requirements, and more. For larger projects involving multiple lots, review the Subdivision and Development Services Bylaw. This bylaw outlines the requirements for applications to create a new subdivision. These requirements relate to road width and construction, types of utilities, sidewalks, curb and gutters, street lighting, and more.


Here you will find the major bylaws related to land development. Please be aware that there are other Provincial and Federal Legislation that may need to be considered in an application.

The Zoning Bylaw, which mandates the regulations for Nakusp properties with regards to zoning, is crucial to controlling land use and density of properties but also assists in facilitating and accommodating growth.
Subdivision & Development Servicing Bylaw – Any person who owns land in Nakusp, or has the written permission of the owner, may apply for subdivision. This bylaw outlines the requirements for developing your sub-division and receiving approval.
The Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw is a comprehensive plan to guide future land uses and address related needs for amenities, services, development and infrastructure. The OCP is developed through considerable public input and is adopted as a bylaw by Council. It contains both written policies that reflect the goals and objectives of the community, and maps that designate types of land use.

Important note: A new OCP has been approved, and significant revisions to the zoning by-law, associated strategies and maps to mirror the new OCP are in process. Completion is expected mid- 2022. Until then, the current legal Zoning By-law takes precedent over the OCP. Please discuss your development plans with the Village.
Master plan and submission requirements – Some developments require a master which is a planning document that provides a conceptual layout of a site to guide future growth and development that includes making the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments.
Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaws are exemptions that apply to qualifying, Nakusp-based, registered non-profit organizations using property for municipal, recreational, religious, cultural or charitable purposes. 
The Development Application Procedures Bylaw 714, 2022 outlines everything you need to know about the procedures and requirements for processing land development applications. This includes amendments to the Official Community Plan, Zoning Bylaw, Development Variance and Development Permits.
Development Permit Area Maps and descriptions highlight different development permit areas in the Village, in which you need a development permit to make any changes to your property.
Business License Bylaws

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