Development is encouraged in the Village of Nakusp.

Development enhances our community by bringing jobs, people, facilities, improved lifestyle and greater community security.

Benefits of developing in Nakusp

Nakusp is experiencing an in-migration of young people and families, as well as retirees. They are attracted to:

the mild climate and hot springs
the lakeside mountain beauty and recreational options (mountain biking, skiing, fishing, boating, hiking, snowmobiling, public beach, tennis, squash and curling, etc. )
the broad range of employment opportunities (forestry, agriculture, tourism, recreation/heliskiing, health & wellness, government services, education, arts)
the amenities of a regional centre serving approximately 4500 residents (hospital & health clinics, emergency services, elementary and senior schools, community recreation centre , library, daycare, community social services, downtown businesses and supermarket, banks, transit, ferries, high speed internet, municipal water & sewer
the convenience and safety of a vibrant small town boasting a thriving arts and sports scene
lower costs of living and raising children

Developers responding to the critical need for housing, industrial lots, value added wood manufacturing, and recreational infrastructure can benefit from the availability of a skilled workforce desiring long term residency, a supportive municipal planning process, and lower property taxes.

Nakusp’s Development Focus

Nakusp’s overall growth strategy is to maintain its current geographic boundaries and focus energy and investment into providing services and maximizing existing assets within this area. Components of the growth strategy are outlined in the Official Community Plan (OCP), a policy tool that fosters positive change. Within it is the long-term vision of Nakusp, that guides growth and development in a sustainable and resilient manner. The Plan offers policy direction on environmental and agricultural land protection and preservation, growth management, land use, housing, infrastructure and servicing, parks and open space, and social and economic development.

The OCP contains many development priorities related to residential housing, industry, and recreation. Here are some examples of specific intentions:

Landowners to consider a secondary suite or additional dwelling units
Commercial owners to consider adding above or behind their business
Landowners to subdivide or develop their lands for housing or an industrial park
Organizational take over and expansion of the marina
Waterfront and trails development

Investment Opportunities

Map of Nakusp

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