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Development enhances our community by bringing jobs, people, facilities, improved lifestyle and greater community security.

All development proposals in Nakusp begin with an application. Whether you are interested in adding on to your home, building a workshop, changing zoning or redeveloping a commercial property, please review forms below to get started. Please note that the fee must be received with the form in order for the Village to review it.

Application Forms and Fees

Planning & Development Approval Application – Please review the Planning & Development Approval Application if you require an Official Community Plan or Zoning Bylaw Amendment, Temporary Use Permit, Development Variance Permit (minor or major), or a Development Permit (minor or major) for your development.
Development – If your land is situated in a Development Permit Area, you need a development permit prior to commencing development. Complete an Application for a Development Permit form. Application fees will be calculated on the bases of estimated project development costs in accordance with the following table.
Project Development CostsDevelopment Permit Fees
< $100,000$500.00
$100,001 to $1,000,000$1,000.00
$1,000,001 +$1650.00
Development Variance – If you as property owner or an authorized applicant are seeking a variance from specific requirements of the Zoning Bylaw, the Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw, or other bylaw application, complete a Development Variance Permit (DVP) form, and the fee is Minor (under $10,000.00 in value) $500.00 and Major ($10,001.00 + in value) $1,000.00.
OCP – If your proposed development does not conform to the land use designation in the Official Community Plan, you can submit an application to change the land use designation of the property. Some rezoning applications may require an OCP amendment which can generally be processed in conjunction with a rezoning application bylaw. Complete an Application for OCP Amendment form, and the fee is $1000.
Appeals – If you are applying to appeal, complete a Notice of Appeal – Board of Variance form.
Approval of these applications are extremely rare because the applicant has to prove the hardship. “I can’t afford it” is not a valid reason. Please see the Local Government Act below regarding the application for variance or exemption to relieve hardship.
Subdivision – If you wish to alter the legal property boundaries of a parcel of land, divide it into smaller parcels, consolidate several parcels into one, create a bare land stratum, or change the alignment of an existing property line, complete a Subdivision Application, and the fee schedule is below. You must complete all required work and services in accordance with Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw.
Application for Subdivision – Bylaw 693Application Fees
Applications for Subdivision under Land Titles Act$300.00 for the first parcel plus $50.00 for per each additional parcel when the subdivision creates not more than two (2) parcels.

$600.00 plus $50.00 per each additional parcel when the subdivision creates more than two (2) parcels but not more than ten (10) parcels.

$1,400.00 plus $50.00 per each additional parcel when the subdivision creates more than ten (10) parcels.
Applications for Subdivisions under Condominium ActBare land Strata Subdivision will be the same as those for Conventional Subdivision.

$500.00 for for a phased-strata subdivision.

$300.00 for the first unit plus $100.00 for each additional unit to a maximum of $1,000.00 for a Strata Conversion of a building presently or previously occupied.
A person, prior to making application for Final Subdivision Approval, shall submit the following fees:

a) payment to the Village three percent (3%) of the Design Engineer’s cost estimate for construction of works including utilities and roads to facilitate the inspection of the works;
b) payment to the Village the cost of connecting the works to the Village’s sewage, water, and storm water systems;
c) payment to the Village for upgrading the existing works and services or installing of new works and services that will be undertaken by the Village;
d) payment to the Village of all application fees as prescribed in Schedule 9 of the Fees and Charges Bylaw;
e) payment of security deposit for the maintenance and repair of the works and services during the warranty period that shall commence the date Final Subdivision Approval is granted, in the form of cash or an irrevocable letter of credit drawn on a chartered bank in Canada in the amount of 10% of the estimated cost of the works and services, or $2,000.00 which ever is greater and shall enter into a security agreement to the satisfaction of the Village;
f) refunds for any of the fees listed in Schedule 9 of the Fees and Charges Bylaw will not be provided to an applicant once an application has been submitted.
Temporary Use Permit (TUP) – TUPs are valid for a maximum of 3 years.  Council may and will often set a shorter expiry date at their discretion.  A TUP may be renewed once, but only at Council’s discretion.  At the end of the TUP, the land owner may be required to return the land to the state it was in before the TUP was issued.  Any violations against the terms and conditions set by Council may result in the TUP being revoked.  A TUP can never be amended.
Temporary Use Permit application.
A TUP may:
Allow for a use not permitted by the zoning bylaw;
Allow and regulate the construction of buildings or structures in respect of the use the permit is issued; and,
Specify conditions which the temporary use may be carried on.

For certain temporary uses, Council may have policies in place to guide applicants and their own decisions.  Certain uses may or may not approved by Council, or predetermined conditions have already been set.  To avoid unnecessary costs and delays, please contact the Village office prior to filling out your TUP application, we are here to help. The fee for a TUP is $700.00.
If you are looking for the Village of Nakusp Building Permit Application, you can find it here.
Download the Nakusp Business License Application

Local Government Act – Application for variance or exemption to relieve hardship

A person may apply to a board of variance for an order under section 542 [board powers on application] if the person alleges that compliance with any of the following would cause the person hardship:

(a) a bylaw respecting
  • (i) the siting, size or dimensions of a building or other structure, or
  • (ii) the siting of a manufactured home in a manufactured home park;
(b) a subdivision servicing requirement under section 506 (1) (c) [provision of water, sewer and other systems] in an area zoned for agricultural or industrial use;
(c) the prohibition of a structural alteration or addition under section 531 (1) [restrictions on alteration or addition while non-conforming use continued]; 
(d) a bylaw under section 8 (3) (c) [fundamental powers — trees] of the Community Charter, other than a bylaw that has an effect referred to in section 50 (2) [restrictions on authority — preventing all uses] of that Act if the council has taken action under subsection (3) of that section to compensate or mitigate the hardship that is caused to the person.

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